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Tenant Screening

What is tenant screening? Tenant screening is the investigation of potential tenants by the management of an apartment complex or other rental property. The results of the screening are used by the management to conclude whether a potential tenant is a suitable candidate for tenancy. Potential candidates therefore are rejected or accepted by property management based on the screening results.


What is examined? Companies review several factors during a rental screening which include rental credit history, state eviction records, credit history, criminal history and employment to verify income of potential tenant. Thus, tenant screening companies will contact the management of the prospective tenant’s previous places of residence and acquire credit reports. Companies will also run a background check to verify any previous criminal history on potential tenants. Once a property management group has the results of the tenant screening, a determination will be made regarding the qualifications of the prospective tenant to sign a lease. By using a tenant screening system, a property company limits their exposure to liability, reduces the amount of delinquent payments, avoids costly eviction actions and limits property damage to leased properties.


Protect Your Rental Investment with Tenant Screening

One bad tenant can plunder a landlord of rental income. In just a matter of months the wrong rental applicant can become the tenant from the abyss by defaulting on rent payments or damaging the property, and forcing the owner to incur the costs of an eviction and an unexpected vacancy. Bring transparency to your new tenant screening system. Screening your potential tenants is fast and easy and the costs can be directed to the potential tenant. So, in today’s rental market there is no reason to avoid running tenant credit checks, eviction history, national criminal data, sex offender history and income verifications.


  • Today’s automated tenant screening reports are easy to access, and easy to read. In a matter of minutes you can discover if your rental applicant is telling the truth, or if you have a potential problem tenant on your hands.
  • Basic renter credit checks protect your rental property investment against tenants who try to hide bad credit or other problems in their rental background. By cross-referencing reports, you can catch discrepancies that can only lead to one conclusion — this applicant would not make a good tenant. These reports also offer peace of mind in knowing that the renter you’ve chosen will be reliable.
  • When you check tenant credit, you can quickly determine how your applicants have treated other creditors, a telltale sign of whether they will pay rent on time. You’ll also know if a candidate is using someone else’s information to try to get access to your rental property.

Redstar Backgrounds does rental screening in all 50 states. We recommend screening potential tenants for:

  • Credit History Check
  • Eviction Statewide Records
  • Income Verification
  • Rental Verification
  • Criminal Background Search
  • Sex Offender Search
  • Social Security Trace


***Site Inspection is required***


Redstar Backgrounds is required to be in strict compliance when providing credit reports for the use of employment credit and tenant credit screening. Thus, our clients must yield to the necessary requirements prior to having access to credit reports.

An on-site inspection will be completed to verify the nature and location of the business. The client is required to have a secure site and all reports provided must be stored in a locked location. Most inspections are completed in three ( 3 ) business days, however, location and availability of a contact at the business to schedule the inspection can result in a longer turnaround time. Requests for inspection must include a physical address, contact name and a phone number.

All clients must provide Redstar Backgrounds with a signed release form from the applicant. The release form will be provided once an account is set up for our clients.


Redstar Backgrounds can put a tenant screening package together for your property management team. We will customize our programs to fit your company requirements. Please call us today!


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