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Criminal Records Searches

National Criminal with Alias: National with Alias is a multi-faceted search that combines National search with the known aliases provided from a SSN trace. It is ran through a data base with over 1 billion records including National Sex Offender Data Registry, OIG/HHS Exclusions List, OFAC SDN Office of Assets Control Specially Designated Nationals List, Global Terrorist Watch List & FBI Most Wanted and several State depositories.


Federal Criminal Search: The Federal system is organized into 12 Regional circuits and 94 Federal judicial districts. All Federal Criminal searches are secured through an online retrieval system. These are crimes committed against the United States and might include Federal drug charges, bank robbery, embezzlement, bribery and conspiracy to defraud the government. Our criminal researchers will potentially use other systems to confirm data found via PACER system. Many identifiers are privatized through the Federal system, so researchers use BOP, attorneys listed on case information, address history, personal identifiers along with County and Federal courts to confirm identity.


Statewide Criminal Search: These searches via state repositories look for felony and/or misdemeanor convictions where available. Public access is not allowed in all States and some require a written disclosure signed by the applicant. Information delivered at State level in not always complete and depends on the time range investigated. Many of the county courts limit the information released at State level as there is no set standard required by Federal law. When the State information is not compliant by the FCRA standards, we seek information at the source of county conviction to qualify any relevant data released on a profile report.


County Criminal Search: We utilize numerous resources to secure the most accurate county criminal data. The standard check goes back 7 years and searches all misdemeanor and felony records. Data is secured through electronic means and a structure of professional court runners.

Note ~ Additional county court fees may apply for direct access fees.


Sex Offender Search: We utilize the multi-state Sex Offender Registry and pull information from 49 states ( plus Washington. D,C. ), Guam, and Puerto Rico.


Motor Vehicle Record: This report is a check with the State Department of Motor Vehicles where the candidate hold’s his or her license. It normally provides a 3-5 year history check and will include vehicle related crimes, accident history and criminal charges where available. Some states require written authorization by the candidate.

Note ~ All States charge a direct access fee.


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