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Verification Services

Education Verification: Mitigate the risk of on boarding unqualified and untruthful candidates. Our researchers will verify an applicant’s educational background, confirming dates of attendance and highest degree completed. Redstar Background’s follows a proven method to bring veracity to all educational reference checks. Certain Institutions require signed releases from the applicant in order to verify these searches.

Note: Third party access fees apply to education checks. Any fees charged by the college or university to obtain verification will be passed on to the client.

Employment Verification: Our researchers will contact the applicant’s prior employer and conduct a phone interview to verify the applicant’s previous or current employment, start date, end date, title, salary and eligibility for rehire. Many companies use third party verification systems that require a third party fee.

Note: 3rd party fees are applied and may be billed separately.

DOT Drug and Alcohol Questionnaire: Our researchers obtain answers to the standard Department of Transportation (DOT) drug and alcohol questionnaire.

DOT Employment Verification: This service verifies the applicant’s previous or current Department of Transportation (DOT) related employment; start date, end date, title, salary, eligibility for rehire, and reason for leaving in addition to six standard DOT follow-up questions.

Income Verification: Our researchers will contact the applicant’s current employer to qualify position and title, date of hire, current work status, salary frequency, rate of pay and any anticipated change in the applicant’s forward salary.

Professional License Verification: Our researchers will contact the board or institution that issued a certification or credential to qualify when the license was issued and the expiration. Our researchers will also investigate any conditions or restrictions placed on the applicant’s license. We ensure the license is valid with zero restrictions.

Personal and Professional Reference Verification: Our researchers will contact personal and professional references to qualify the applicant’s character and capabilities. We can interview one or several references. Redstar Background researchers will assist your group in asking the questions that best assess the type of employee being on boarded. We can also customize specific questions necessary to validate the applicant’s reference.

Rental Verification: Redstar Backgrounds qualifies current or previous property management, address of previous rental, move in and move out dates, late rent, condition property left in, proper notice to vacate, any suits filed and eligibility to rent in the future.


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