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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why do background checks?
    With the economy as it is today and the uncertainty that everyone has about various issues, background checks are even more important than ever in the areas of hiring: Pre-employment, Incremental Ongoing Career Growth screening, Litigation and Due Diligence. It is best to bring transparency to the table when bringing on a new employee to represent your organization.  back to top

  • Is Pre-employment screening as an employer what I need?
    Pre-employment screening and continued screening throughout an employee's career could potentially save a company thousands of dollars. - 30 % of business failures are due to poor hiring practices (Department of Commerce) - 70 % of illegal drug users have full time jobs (New York Times) - 53 % of all job applications contain false information (Society of Human Resource Management) - One in 32 Adults have a criminal record with 45 % of whom lie about it on job applications (Department of Justice) - US employers lose 20 billion to 40 billion a year due to fraud (US Chamber of Commerce)  back to top

  • How long after completing an account can I start processing a request?
    We will activate your account within hours after receiving your signed service agreement.  back to top

  • What is the average turn around time for the information requested?
    Some requests are instant while others may vary from 72 hours to a few weeks. Processing some requests may take longer than the 72 hours due to certain states, employers, courts, and schools taking longer to retrieve the information.  back to top

  • Do you need a release form signed?
    Yes. Federal law and some states require an applicant to give written authorization before running a background check. Redstar's background disclosure release form can be found under our resources tab in the forms section.  back to top

  • Can background checks be run without telling the employee?
    Most laws require that an applicant be notified when a background check is run. Federal law allows an exemption when investigating a suspected wrong-doing by an employee. You should consult with an attorney for guidance in your specific situation or case.  back to top

  • Are your services strictly confidential?
    Yes. Redstar Backgrounds does not trade, sell, or release the personal information that is provided during the account creation or fulfillment process to any entity outside the company.  back to top

  • Can anyone request a background check?
    No. Due to the confidentiality and sensitivity of the information gathered, Redstar Backgrounds restricts background checks only to individuals with Employer "permissible authorization".  back to top

  • Is Redstar Backgrounds FCRA compliant?
    Yes. See FCRA information under Resources section.  back to top

  • What is the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act)?
    See FCRA information under Resources section.  back to top

  • What should I do if an error in the background search is found?
    The first thing that the employer should do is to notify the applicant immediately. Allow the applicant to explain the error and supply the employer with the necessary documentation supporting the issue. If the error resides in the report or research provided to the employer, then the employer should re-investigate the information and then supply the results of the new report to the applicant. If the error is still being reported, then the error resides in the information source. Information sources might be the courthouse, previous employers, educational institutions, and etc. The applicant will need to contact the information source to have the error corrected. Once the applicant has had the information source correct the error, then the employer should re-investigate.  back to top

  • Are there ways to reduce the risk of errors in the background check?
    Yes. Employers can reduce the risk of errors in the background checks by following some simple processes. 1. Select a reputable background check company. 2. Use background checks as a regular process in hiring employees. This will include, but is not limited to, items such as: professional reference checks, appropriate drug testing, skill assessment, and quality interviews. 3. Thorough background checks must be performed. The information being gathered should be applicable to the potential employees job description. This will make sure that the correct searches are performed and considered in order to hire a successful candidate. 4. Most importantly, the employer should inspect the applicants paperwork for completeness, legibility, and consistency before submitting the request to the background check company.  back to top

  • What should I do if an applicants employment will be denied, in part or whole, due to the results of the background check?
    The applicant should be notified in writing before the final decision. Provide the applicant with his or her rights and provide the applicant a copy of the background check. Allow the applicant the opportunity to review and challenge the report if there are any perceived errors in the report.  back to top

  • How long do most background checks take?
    A standard background check will depend on the research that goes into the profile report. Most profiles take between one hour and three days to complete. The time frame will depend on the research completed on the candidate.  back to top


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