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Integration for Applicant Tracking Software

Does your company use an applicant tracking system (ATS) or Human Resources Information System (HRIS) to manage applicants’ data and status?

Redstar Backgrounds is well-equipped to streamline your screening process. One way to do so is to  integrate your current applicant tracking software with our background screening solutions. This is accomplished with Redstar Backgrounds’ open APIs, often referred to as public APIs.

Background screening has undergone some significant changes over the last few years. The most crucial shift has been in technology. Specifically, now background checks must communicate with multiple company platforms.

Important Considerations:

ATS evaluation and selection are very important processes.

  • Does the ATS you are utilizing or considering support your company profile (i.e., small, medium, large)?


  • Does your current or prospective ATS provide the training and services you require? This is critical, as not all ATSs provide background screening capabilities, and screening services may be limited.


  • Compliance is an important aspect of background screening. Picking qualified ATS partners can also help reduce liability by removing unqualified candidates earlier in the hiring process. Integration applies a uniform standard to all applicants, which can be helpful in avoiding FCRA compliance issues.


  • Validation and consultation of background reports are key to a successful ATS provider. 56% of applicants falsify information on their resume, and HR experts calculate the average hiring process costs about $3,500. This makes it essential that the information provided by the background partner is correct.

Redstar Backgrounds knows the benefits background checks can bring to your company. This single sign-on approach saves human resource professionals valuable time and money, all while creating strong customer loyalty.

If you have an ATS or other system you’d like to integrate with us, we can help you design a customized solution. Let Redstar Backgrounds give you the background screening knowledge and professionalism your company desires.


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