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Wednesday, November 06 2019
6 Ways Pre-Employment Screening Can Promote a Safer Workplace


by Maddie Cohen


So you own and operate a business in south central Texas. You’re hiring new staff, and you’d like to implement a comprehensive background screening program.


Pre-Employment Screening in San Antonio and the Surrounding Area

If you aren’t already doing so, you’ll want to incorporate background checks and other pre-employment screening services into your hiring process. Pre-employment screening is designed to help employers identify top talent by:


  • Conducting background checks.
  • Verifying employment and education history, along with other application details.
  • Completing relevant tasks such as drug tests, motor vehicle record checks, and more.


It takes time and money to hire the right candidate. That said, your business will enjoy great returns by investing in an FCRA-compliant, efficient, transparent pre-employment screening program.


Benefits of Pre-Employment Screening in South Central Texas

Now that we’ve discussed what pre-employment screening entails, let’s explore the benefits of this practice:


  1. Safer Working Environment

Background checks allow employers to screen candidates’ criminal, drug, work, education, and driving history. This increases workplace safety by pinpointing applicants with a history of problematic behavior, from violent activity to reckless driving to drug or alcohol abuse.


You’ll know before you hire a person whether they have a troublesome past. And you’ll know to avoid hiring them if you come across red flags during the screening process.

  1. Reduced Employment Fraud and Theft

According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, workplace crime costs U.S. businesses roughly $50 billion per year. Pre-employment screening helps to prevent fraud and theft from occurring in the first place, by keeping candidates with a questionable history at bay.

An added bonus: From professional licensure to professional reference verification, you’ll know exactly when a candidate might have lied on their application.


  1. Higher-Quality Hires

Talent acquisition can be challenging. With a comprehensive pre-employment screening program, however, your business can attract a much higher quality of hire. You’ll wonder why you weren’t already screening for application accuracy, professional licensure, and other qualifications.


Mitigate the risk of onboarding unqualified or untruthful candidates today. Third-party screeners can bring veracity to all reference checks.


  1. Meet Industry Requirements with Ease

Industries like education, government, and healthcare require background checks. That said, without the right pre-employment screening program, your business could suffer. You don’t want to disrupt your clients or stakeholders by failing to meet your industry’s employment requirements.


Enter a third-party provider. They’ll be mindful and knowledgeable of every detail, all while guiding your business through the pre-employment screening process in your industry.


  1. Fewer Negligent Hiring Lawsuits

Without an adequate employee background screening program, your business could be liable for the actions of troublesome staff. You might be sued if it turns out you failed to do your due diligence during the hiring process.


Negligent hiring lawsuits often result in hefty fines and reputation damage. Fortunately, you can prevent legal trouble with the right third-party pre-employment screening solution.


  1. Better Regulatory Compliance

Regulations may vary depending on the industry or role for which you’re hiring—and it can be challenging to keep everything straight when you have a business to run. Pre-employment screening providers, however, are well-versed in state, federal, and industry-specific regulations.


Put simply, they offer the deep in-house compliance expertise you’ve been waiting for.




Redstar Backgrounds: Pre-Employment Screening in South Central Texas

At Redstar Backgrounds, we strive to meet the growing needs of all our patrons. Our expert team consults on building better recruitment efficiencies and offers tailored solutions designed to simplify the hiring process.


There’s no point in waiting. Our organization manages hundreds of clients nationwide—including many companies here in the greater San Antonio area.


So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn more about our pre-employment screening services.



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