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Wednesday, June 24 2020
5 Reasons to Have Redstar Oversee Your Manufacturing Staffing Needs

From the C-suite to the factory, manufacturing companies need to hire the right people.


There’s no question your team can’t afford to be understaffed—you still need to operate your facility, even if you’re short a few team members.


And when it comes to quality control, few decisions are more important than those that relate to hiring.


Texas manufacturers understand the need to consistently produce a high-quality product. To achieve this, they need trustworthy, experienced employees by their side.


This is where we come in. Here are five reasons to use Redstar Backgrounds for your manufacturing staffing needs:


  1. Focus on What Matters When Onboarding New Staff

Though your company is perfectly capable of hiring qualified personnel, this can be a time-consuming process. It can also be challenging—for those with limited bandwidth—to focus on screening the best applicants.


Fortunately, our team is here to help. We will help you source and onboard the right people. As a result, you’ll significantly lower your risk of hiring unreliable team members, decrease turnover, and ensure a safe and OSHA-certified facility.


  1. Screen Each Person You Bring on Your Team

Encourage your human resources team to make sure no one slips through the proverbial cracks of the hiring process. By outsourcing your manufacturing staffing needs, your company can rest assured we will screen each and every person you consider bringing on your team.


Our screening guidelines are tailored to each client and designed to meet the unique needs of not only the manufacturing industry, but also your company and the position for which you are hiring. From drug testing to criminal checks, we’ll take care of it all in a safe and FCRA-compliant way.


  1. Enjoy a Comprehensive Solution from a Company that Knows Manufacturing

It can be challenging to hire someone great when you’re simply focused on finding your next hire. Fortunately, our comprehensive solution will help you secure new staff quickly and the right way.


We leave no unturned when it comes to helping manufacturing teams:


  • Increase safety, productivity, and attendance
  • Reduce workers’ compensation claims
  • Decrease theft and violence
  • Safeguard their reputation in the region and industry


From background checks to drug screening, we take care of it all. You’ll have a shortlist of remarkable prospects in front of you in no time.


  1. Save Money and Increase Efficiency

Turnover is costly. So too is loss of productivity. With Redstar Backgrounds by your side, you can access candidates’ educational and employment backgrounds, references, credentials, and more in a streamlined and timely fashion. This will help you pinpoint red flags like expired licenses and embellished resumes.


Put simply, we’re here to help you source the best possible people. And by doing so, you’ll save money and work more efficiently. It’s a win-win solution.


  1. Redstar Backgrounds Serves Clients in San Antonio, Austin, and Corpus Christi

Just as we’re well-versed in the manufacturing industry, we know Texas like the back of our hand. Our screening company works closely with clients across the state, including in San Antonio, Austin, and Corpus Christi.


With our knowledge of the area, and our manufacturing expertise, you can partner with a business on whom you can depend. Maintaining quality and safety standards, and knowing you’re bringing on exemplary hires, are simply an added bonus.


At Redstar Backgrounds, we help clients make hiring decisions that protect their company and staff, all while fostering a safe and transparent work environment. Please contact us for more information on how we can help your manufacturing company screen and hire the right people.

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