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Friday, February 26 2021
Should Remote Workers Still Undergo Background Checks?

Digital transformation, paired with the pandemic, has caused a surge in remote work.


This means companies are conducting fewer in-person interviews. Some are even turning away from comprehensive background checks.


What does this increase in remote work mean for pre-employment screening?


We’ll get to that shortly. First, let’s explore the state of remote work as we move further into 2021. 


The State of Remote Work in 2021

Though many companies in Texas and around the world allowed their staff to work remotely before COVID-19, the pandemic made telecommuting our new normal (with the exception of grocery clerks, healthcare staff, and other essential workers).


Regardless, the public health crisis notwithstanding, today 55% of businesses from around the world offer at least some capacity for remote work. In fact, 18% of the global workforce telecommutes full-time.


According to a Gartner, Inc. survey, 88% of businesses from around the world encouraged their teams to work remotely as the virus first began to spread at a rapid rate. And while the COVID-19 vaccine is in the preliminary distribution stages—meaning there’s an end to the pandemic in sight—remote work isn’t going anywhere post-lockdown.


So, how should you adjust your background screening process for remote team members?


Why Texas Companies Should Screen Remote Workers

Remote teams rely on their members to be truthful and dependable. They trust them with managing business data outside the office, working the agreed-upon number of hours, and treating company property with respect.


For these reasons, pre-employment screening is no less important than it is for companies that still adhere to a traditional work environment. Giving a team member access to your data from home—quite possibly on their own devices—offers unprecedented risk.


Put simply, there’s a lot more at stake than simply having your people come in each day. While remote work has in fact resulted in higher productivity, this comes at a cost: potential security risks, along with a greater opportunity to breach the employer’s trust.


These factors make background screening all the more essential—during COVID-19 and well into the future. Pre-employment background checks will help to make sure you hire the right people, mitigate security issues, and screen for honest and dependable staff.


By opting for the most trustworthy, qualified staff, you can protect your business and cultivate the most empowered remote teams.


Background Screening for San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and Austin Telecommuters

Are you currently outsourcing your background screening?


Regardless of your answer, it might help to work with an expert third-party partner who can help tailor a program to your exact needs.


Companies with an in-house program may struggle to keep on top of their screening during lockdown. Redstar Backgrounds, however, can help telecommuters throughout Texas conduct pre-employment:


  • Criminal records searches
  • Employment and licensure verification services
  • Reference checks
  • Drug tests
  • Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) searches


These pre-employment screening services will increase your chances of hiring honest, hardworking, trustworthy remote team members. Meanwhile, our team of experts will do everything possible to help your company reduce hiring risks (including workforce safety issues, theft, cybersecurity problems, failure to follow company rules, fraud, and productivity problems).


With us, you can consider these challenges a thing of the past. And with Redstar Backgrounds in your arsenal, your remote team can leverage guaranteed compliance and expansive knowledge of Texas legislature. You’ll have the highest caliber of remote workers on your staff in no time at all.


Are you interested in learning more about background screening and drug testing? Contact Redstar Backgrounds for details. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for more information.

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