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Monday, April 12 2021
Here's Why Nursing Home Employee Pre-Screening Is So Important

Retirement communities, nursing homes, assisted living facilities—while the specifics may vary, the need for pre-employment screening remains consistent.


This is because team member background checks can help to prevent theft, fraud, and elder abuse in retirement centers and assisted living homes.


Pre-Employment Screening for Texas Elder Care Facilities

Both federal and state laws require elder care organizations to conduct background checks before hiring new staff.


Far too often, however, these institutions fall short.


Why is this?


The truth is that in many cases of abuse or neglect in care facilities, the perpetrator—after being caught—is found to have a history of criminal activity. And while 98% of nursing homes claim to complete background checks before taking on new staff, studies reveal that over 90% of these facilities employ at least one person who has been convicted of a crime.


Moreover, researchers have found that almost 50% of nursing homes have taken on five or more people who have been convicted of a crime. The employer’s background check protocol is inherently flawed in this way, as an effective program would have identified the candidate’s criminal history and prevented this individual from being hired in the first place.


This begs an important question: While government officials require elder care facilities to perform stringent pre-screening, are these institutions really listening?


Federal law prohibits nursing homes and retirement communities from hiring people who have been violent or neglectful toward residents for “direct access” positions, or roles in which employees interact with residents.


But the law doesn’t require any specific type of background check. And the consequences can be dire.


Why Do Comprehensive Nursing Home Background Checks Matter?

Picture this: A loved one has recently moved to a nursing home. They might grapple with dementia or a physical impairment, and struggle to remain independent.


Naturally, they’ve come to a facility for some extra support.


And in this way, nursing home residents are vulnerable. Those facing serious illnesses and cognitive difficulties are especially susceptible to assault and theft, which is why background checks—while invaluable in all industries—are especially paramount in elder care.


Accordingly, nursing homes and assisted living facilities must hire honest staff. It’s essential that they screen for candidates they can trust, who have residents’ best interests at heart.


With that, any quality elder care background check should check national and state databases for crimes involving:


  • Sexual offenses
  • Theft and fraud
  • Assault, domestic violence, and homicide
  • Conspiracy
  • Drug use or abuse


Without taking the above measures, facilities risk ruining their reputation and putting their residents at risk. To this end, a thorough screening program should also include reference and motor vehicle records (MVR) checks, along with social security number verification, to truly screen for staff with integrity.


This is where an experienced background check provider may come in.


Background Screening for Texas Retirement Communities

Redstar Backgrounds has helped retirement communities, nursing homes, and other Texas elder care facilities protect the people trusted in their care for many years.


Whether you are located in San Antonio or Austin, Corpus Christi or Houston—or elsewhere in Texas—our seasoned team members will help your business create a custom, comprehensive pre-employment screening program.


Fair. Accurate. Compliant.


Once you have a program in place, you can rest assured you are only hiring the most trustworthy, compassionate people. Your residents will be safer than ever, and those clients’ loved ones will enjoy the peace of mind a safe and caring facility can bring.


So, why not contact us for a free consultation on how to protect your residents, your business, and your overall community? We look forward to hearing from you.


To learn more about why elder care background screening is so important, please contact Redstar Backgrounds. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for more information.

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