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Tuesday, April 20 2021
Is Your Addiction Treatment Center Adequately Screening Staff?

In a drug and alcohol rehabilitation setting, the focus is on the client—on the patients who come in for treatment.


But what about addiction treatment staff? While most facilities operate with a screening protocol, not all background check programs are created equal.


And in rehab centers, where many employees have access to vulnerable patients (and prescription medications), comprehensive screening is vital.


Why Screen Texas Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Employees?

The vast majority of drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers employ wonderful people—including many team members who have successfully transformed their own lives after addiction.


While this means certain highly-skilled candidates—including those with a knack for relating to patients—may have a history or drug or alcohol abuse themselves, administrators can still properly screen candidates.


Why is this so important?


Here’s the thing: Addiction treatment clients are often in a vulnerable emotional position, and they deserve the very best care.


Additionally, some patients may be taking prescription medication, and all staff members should be well-equipped to handle this.


What’s more, it’s imperative that team members are honest and have the proper licensure.


This is why screening is so important.


But again, above all else, staff need to be able to relate to patients. So, a common question is how far back HR managers should look when making a hiring decision—especially when they’re considering well-qualified team members who have overcome their own drug and alcohol-related challenges.


What Should an Addiction Treatment Pre-Employment Background Check Include?

In this industry, it’s worth noting that some applicants’ pasts may feature arrests or convictions that would normally raise a red flag. Drug charges, or a record of drunk driving, would pose serious problems in most other industries.


In addiction treatment, however, the important thing is that the candidate has clearly demonstrated they are on a new and improved path. Hiring managers can work directly with a background screening provider to build a custom program that can pinpoint which types of convictions are acceptable, and which ones are deal-breakers.


But what should the background check include?


The following elements are key:


  • Criminal Records Check

This check pulls from millions of criminal records in all 50 states, plus Washington D.C. and U.S. territories like Puerto Rico. It generally goes back seven years.


  • Sex Offender Registries Search

This search quickly identifies those who have been convicted of a sex crime. It’s worth noting that these individuals shouldn’t be considered for employment in a rehabilitation facility.


  • Reference Checks

Reference checks help the hiring manager explore the applicant’s character. These checks are usually very insightful, especially if the candidate has overcome a lot in their past.


  • Identity, Employment, and Education Verification Checks

It’s important to make sure applicants haven’t misrepresented who they are. These checks are also a solid way to gauge the candidate’s credentials and overall qualifications.


  • Drug and Alcohol Screening

Since addiction treatment centers are designed to help patients overcome their addictions, it’s imperative that employees refrain from abusing drugs and alcohol.


Let Redstar Backgrounds Screen Your Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Staff

Are you ready to develop a custom screening program for your addiction treatment staff?


Redstar Backgrounds is here to assist you. We will gladly help San Antonio drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers develop a thorough, custom treatment program. Please reach out today for your free consultation.


To learn more about the value of screening your medical staff, please contact Redstar Backgrounds. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for more information.


Interested in working with our subsidiary to screen your staff for drug use? Order your kit from today.

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