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Friday, May 14 2021
Why Conduct Pre-Employment Background Checks in San Antonio?

The Alamo City is home to many thriving businesses.


To preserve their reputation and hire only the most qualified staff, these businesses should be conducting thorough background checks before taking on new people.


The Importance of Screening Candidates in San Antonio

From leading tech company Rackspace Technology, to renowned behavioral marketing firm Harte Hanks, San Antonio offers a nurturing environment for startups.


Not only that, but a number of healthcare facilities, staffing agencies, manufacturing companies, and volunteer organizations are based in San Antonio. These entities rely on their people to deliver the service customers and community members deserve.


This makes pre-employment background checks critical.


How come? Well, pre-employment background screening is truly an indispensable for Texas businesses.


No matter the size of your organization, your company’s standing in the community is directly linked to how reliable, safe, and well-qualified your team members are.


With that, here are some of the key benefits of conducting pre-employment background checks in San Antonio, Texas:


  • Higher-quality hires

Sourcing the right talent can be challenging no matter where you are. By pre-screening each candidate, however, you can ensure a higher-quality hire.


  • Increased compliance

Working with a background screening company will allow your business to satisfy not only the standards in your industry, but Texas state and federal requirements.


  • Improved safety

Background checks provide important insights into applicants’ criminal history—allowing employers to filter potentially-threatening candidates.


  • Fewer negligent hiring risks

Without adequate screening, there’s a greater risk of negligent hiring. This means that your company could be held liable for your employees’ actions.


  • Reduced drug and alcohol abuse

Testing your candidates and staff for substance abuse will help to lessen absenteeism, productivity issues, tardiness, and other common problems.


  • Less turnover

Turnover is costly. It takes up precious time and money, and it’s ideally kept at a minimum. Again, this is where pre-employment screening comes in.


The more you know about an applicant before making a hiring decision, the better off your company will be. With a comprehensive solution, you can protect your business and the communities you serve.


What Should Pre-Employment Background Checks Entail?

Of course you want your screening program to be thorough.


But what, exactly, should your background checks include?


The truth is that the right screening program should be tailored to the needs of your organization. Healthcare and elder care facilities, for example, may focus more on ensuring integrity and protecting vulnerable populations—while manufacturing will typically emphasize safety above all else.


Ultimately, the majority of background checks should screen for the following:


  • Employment and education history
  • Criminal records (with an emphasis on theft, fraud, and violence)
  • Motor vehicle and license records checks
  • Drug use or abuse


By focusing on these areas, you can preserve your reputation and avoid putting your clients, team members, and the overarching community at risk. A seasoned background check provider based right here in San Antonio can help.


Background Screening in San Antonio, Texas: Get Started Today

Redstar Backgrounds has helped organizations from hospitals and manufacturing plants, to churches screen their staff and volunteers for many years.


Whether you are located in San Antonio or Bexar County—or elsewhere in Texas—our experts will help your business create a custom pre-employment screening program based on your exact needs.


We prioritize fairness, accuracy, and compliance in everything we do. And we invite you to contact us for a free consultation on how to elevate your pre-employment screening program.


Your community will thank you.


To learn more about why pre-employment background screening is paramount for San Antonio businesses, please contact Redstar Backgrounds. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for more information.

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