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Monday, April 18 2022
Drug Screening Your Employees in San Antonio

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Did you know that over 2 million people live in Bexar County—and that as many of 74% of drug users nationwide are currently employed?


Every year, drug abuse costs U.S. employers billions of dollars. Employers right here in San Antonio and the surrounding area are no exception. This, however, doesn’t have to be the case for your team.


A comprehensive drug screening program can help.


Drug Screening in Bexar County

Drug tests are essential to employers here in San Antonio. They keep people who abuse drugs from building our infrastructure, teaching our kids, and caring for our loved ones.


But when, exactly, should drug screening occur? A combination of pre- and post-hire screening will generally yield the best results. Some of the best times to require drug tests are as follows:


  • Pre-Employment

Often, a negative drug test is a condition of future employment.


  • After an Accident

Employers should require drug tests after an accident to rule out the possibility of drug use.


  • With Reasonable Suspicion

Managers who reasonably suspect their staff may be using drugs can request testing.


  • Randomly

Some companies follow a random employee drug testing program. The process should be randomized, computer-generated, and unbiased.


  • On Return-to-Duty

Employees who fail a drug test and go on to receive treatment may be required to submit a negative return-to-work drug test. Testing in the months that follow may be required as well.


  • Before a Promotion

Some companies choose to screen their employees for drugs as a condition of a promotion.


Why Is Drug Testing Important?

In Bexar County, the benefits of implementing a drug screening program are expansive and include improvements in:


  • Employee Safety

Companies that require employees to drive, use heavy machinery, or perform any sort of manual labor generally require drug testing to protect their staff. The Department of Transportation (DOT) upholds specific testing requirements, but plenty of industries don’t. This means it’s up to the employer to be proactive in safeguarding their team.


  • Customer Safety

Failure to screen your employees for drugs could result in a number of problems surrounding customer safety. A lack of awareness as a result of drug use could result in a data breach, for example. And physically too, team members who abuse drugs present a greater risk to customers. Employee drug tests are integral to building customer safety and trust.


  • Company Safety

Some businesses wonder whether drug tests are “worth the money.” While on the surface they may seem like yet another business expense, the truth is that a drug screening program is well worth the investment. Higher productivity, reduced turnover, lower Workers’ Compensation premiums, and decreased liability are just the beginning.


Another important consideration is to make sure your drug screening policy is readily-available to all team members in writing. Employees should understand the disciplinary consequences of a positive test, just as employers should provide team member education on the dangers and risks of drug and alcohol abuse. Keeping everyone in the loop is vital.


Build Your Drug Screening Program Today

Is your San Antonio business interested in developing a custom drug screening program?


Would you like more information about the services we offer at Redstar Backgrounds and


Our team will walk you through every step. Look no further if you’re hoping to create or elevate your drug screening program. We’ll work with you to curate the exact solution you need, so that your team can focus on the work your organization has set out to do.


Please contact us for details, or to set up a free consultation. 

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