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Thursday, June 30 2022
The Main Reason You Need to Screen Your Employed Drivers

More workers drive than employers might initially think.


Maybe you have assistants running errands on the clock. Maybe you employ a team of journalists who drive to and from interviews each day. Or, maybe you have a couple of delivery drivers on your roster. In the manufacturing and construction industries, workers who operate heavy machinery are usually considered drivers as well.


Employers who don’t own or manage a trucking company are often lax about looking into their team’s driving history. In most industries, however, employed drivers should still undergo background screening. And in addition to your standard background check, you’ll want to complete a Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) search.


What Are Motor Vehicle Records Checks?

MVR checks are also known as driver’s license checks. They shed light on applicants’ driving history and are an essential component of hiring workers who will be driving on the job.


Generally speaking, MVR checks are ideal for team members who drive:


  • A commercial vehicle
  • A company-owned vehicle
  • A personal vehicle on which the team member receives a company allowance
  • Any type of vehicle meant to transport passengers (like a limousine or cab)


Employers should also run MVR checks on staff who will be operating heavy machinery, or driving vehicles like cranes or tractors. In most states, individual driving records date back three to seven years.


Don’t Assume Your Drivers Are Safe

Far too many employers assume their drivers are safe because they interview well. If a candidate doesn’t disclose a spotty or troublesome driving record, you might not feel the need to look into their history.


That said, consulting the Department of Motor Vehicles in the state that issued the applicant’s license is essential. A quick search will give you all the information you need on the person’s driving-related crimes and accident history.


Consider the following example. Say one of your truck drivers lied about having a commercial driver’s license (CDL) in their application. If you fail to conduct a background check on this person, and they get into a serious at-fault accident in a commercial vehicle, you could be held liable for inadequate screening.


In the worst-case scenario, a negligent hiring lawsuit can become a wrongful death lawsuit. You’ll want to protect people on the road—and reduce your company liability—by going the extra mile in making certain that your drivers are safe.


Mitigate Driving Risks and Corporate Liability

The best way to reduce your liability is to tailor your screening program to each driving position. By doing so, you can streamline the background check process without putting your company property, your workers, or your community at risk.


MVR checks help Texas organizations like yours stay compliant with the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.


These checks will go over everything from license types and classes, to restrictions and expiration dates. Additional information will include alcohol-related events (like DWI), suspensions and revocations, and violations or citations. Even speeding tickets will show up in the search.


Hire Safe Drivers with the Right Screening Program

Protect your workforce and your community by hiring workers with an impeccable driving history.


How can you achieve this? Many clients start by browsing the services we offer at Redstar Backgrounds and Please contact us for details, or to set up a free consultation.


Our team can guide you through every step of building the right program for your needs. No matter your industry, we’ll work with you to craft the exact solution you need—saving you time and money, and reducing liability as a result.


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