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Tuesday, December 20 2022
Does My Company Need a Background Check on a New Employee?

You may have found a wonderful new team member. They’re well-qualified and seem like a great fit for your organization.


Is a background check really necessary? The answer is yes. This article will outline the reasons why you should absolutely screen new employees before onboarding them to your company.


The Pitfalls of Not Conducting a Background Check

John owns a boutique advertising agency in Austin. When Amanda submitted her resume, he couldn’t believe his luck. Amanda held a communications degree from an incredible school, had five years of extremely relevant experience, and submitted a stellar cover letter.


John didn’t bother conducting a background check. Then, one morning a few months into the job, Amanda didn’t show up to work. She missed an important client meeting. It turned out she was in jail following an arrest for her third DWI. John would have known this, if only he’d screened his new hire.


Something similar happened to Daniela, the HR manager of a Dallas manufacturing plant. She hired Brayden on the spot, without checking his references. Had she adequately screened him, Daniela would have learned he’d recently gotten fired for stealing petty cash from his last employer. Instead, she didn’t find out about Brayden’s record until he did the same thing to her.


Why New-Hire Background Checks Matter

If the examples above aren’t enough to convince you that background checks are essential, the following list should be.


Here are some of the reasons why you must screen potential new hires:


  • Reduce turnover

John and Daniela were thrilled to find their new employees—only they didn’t screen them. So when Amanda and Brayden broke the law, these higher-ups had to deal with even more turnover. This could have been prevented with a thorough background check.


  • Preserve your reputation

You don’t want to compromise your reputation. A single questionable hiring decision can deter clients from working with you, or qualified candidates from applying to join your team. Throw a risk of legal liability into the mix, and things won’t look good.


  • Protect your team

The safety of your team and the surrounding community should be top-of-mind. Background screening will ensure your employees come to work in a safe and honest environment each day. This will build camaraderie and promote job satisfaction.


  • Build a quality talent pool

Candidates who know you conduct background checks will be more likely to work with you. From there, you will continue to build a high-quality talent pool. And this has something of a snowball effect—making background checks well worth the investment.


  • Fulfill an obligation

In some industries, employers have a legal requirement to screen their staff. Roles that involve working with children or vulnerable seniors, as well as those in security or healthcare, require background checks. Staying compliant with the law will also save you hefty legal expenses.


If you own or operate a company and want help setting up a screening program, Redstar Backgrounds is here for you.


Background Screening for Texas Employers

Employers in Texas cities like San Antonio, Dallas, Corpus Christi, Waco, El Paso, and Austin will save money—and preserve their reputation—by hiring the right people people.


This is where pre-employment screening comes in. At Redstar Backgrounds and, our team will help you through every step of the background check process. No matter your industry, we’ll craft the exact screening solution you need to properly vet your staff.


Please contact us for details, or to set up a free consultation. For more information on our screening services, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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